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Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Center

The Alphavet veterinary diagnostic imaging center operates exclusively as a veterinary medical center that performs imaging examinations on companion animals and exotic animals, upon referral by a Veterinary physician, and is staffed by a specialized team of veterinarians in the fields of diagnostic imaging and anesthesiology.

The head of the clinic is Ioannis Panopoulos, who after many years of training in Europe and America in Veterinary diagnostic imaging, managed to realize his dream, staffing the center with high technology and a team of specialized Veterinarians. A qualified medical machine operator, a trained radiologist and a qualified anesthesiologist make up the team that offers safety and high quality of service during the examination of every animal referred to our center.

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Gen 2

New CT scanner that allows, under certain conditions, to perform examinations without anesthesia!

We are pleased to share with you the latest addition of state-of-the-art medical equipment to our clinic, our new CT revolution EVO 128-slice CT scanner, which provides high imaging results with less risk to pets as it is the first which allows CT scans to be performed without anesthesia under conditions, which is a requirement in many elderly animals or animals with chronic cardio respiratory disease. The features of our new machine:
  • The ability to scan quickly without sacrificing image quality
  • Offers high resolution with precised anatomical details
  • Possibility of rapid diagnosis and the display of findings with a clarity of up to 0,28 mm



12 years by your side!

Alphavet Veterinary diagnostic imaging Center has been by your side since 2011 as a dedicated Veterinary imaging center operating after a veterinarian reference, for companion and exotic animals.

Our clinic is staffed by an experienced team of veterinarians with specialized knowledge, always working with dedication and focused to offer the most accurate imaging results, combing experience,knowledge and the latest technologically advanced equipment.

We always remain pioneers in the Veterinary diagnostic imaging field and we continue with the same love and dedication to provide high level services, having created a network of partnerships with Veterinary facilities in Europe and America, to ensure the most complete diagnosis and needed information to the primary care Veterinarian so we can assure the best possible management of the incident and that the maximum care is provided to the companion animals.