Diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic imaging is a vital part in the investigation of many medical conditions. Alphavet offers the largest and most comprehensive range of imaging modalities in Greece and supports the other services within the clinic. 

The on-site facilities include:

  • An x-ray unit with computed radiographic facilities
  • Low Field MRI unit
  • Multislice CT scanner
  • General and cardiac ultrasound machines
  • Fluoroscopy unit for dynamic and interventional procedures


We also provide an out-patient general ultrasound service and a radiology reporting service.

Digital Imaging

For your appointment and for instructions on how you must prepare your animal before the medical examination, please contact us. Tel. +30 2106201459

Head of Digital Imaging Department

Panopoulos Ioannis

Veterinary DVM, PhD, Dip ECVDI

Ioannis graduated from university of Thessaly in 2007. For one year he worked in veterinary practice in Athens. In 2010 he completed a 2-year fellowship program in Veterinary Diagnostic imaging department of the university of Bologna, Italy. In these years he trained in digital radiology, ultrasonography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance and fluoroscopy.
In 2010 enrolled in a PhD program at the department of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bologna university, supervised by Prof. Mario Cipone and Prof. Alessia Diana.